Sculptural whimsy for your home! The perfect gift.

 Imaginary? Real? Who cares? I dream them up out of my head and each one is ONE OF A KIND. Collectible, lovable, sinister or sweet. These "dolls"will steal your heart. They’re not really toys ( I think a toddler would love them too much for them to last very long), more decor than a plaything.

Each has a story to tell. Your job is to love them and eventually know their story...

I make them out of felted wool fibre. Stuff them with polyester fill, and decorate them appropriately. These are examples of some I have created.

Take a look at these for more fantastical things I’ve dreamed up!

He broke a heart and now he’s sorry. I’d forgive him.
He broke a heart and now he’s sorry. I’d forgive him.

This adorable creature is entirely hand made of wool felt. Art for your home. At 30 cm, he is coffee table perfect.

Sculptural fun!
I love to dream up impossible characters, then design and sculpt them out of wool fibre. I often use a myriad of different techniques and materials to acquire the ideal amount of silliness and fun in their personalities.
It’s all about design!
Cathy Sutton