Take a PEEK in My Brain (what I like)

11 Feb 2019

What keeps me happy

 I have a busy brain. It’s a little cluttered, but I hope this limited list of things I like will help to paint a picture of me.

27 Jan 2019
Yes, I’m going skate boarding!
Yes, I’m going skate boarding!

Photos of some of my favourite things

What I like:

  • Create and design jewellery
  • Experiment with construction processes 
  • Be the Mad Scientist and fiddle with chemicals to etch metal
  • Get the chemicals figured out, then etch designs and pictures on jewellery
  • Acquire tools (yes, I am a tool s-ut)
  • Collect gemstones
  • Snuggly blankets
  • Try new techniques for Felting
  • Deviled eggs 
  • To be warm
  • Teach Felting workshops
  • Draw: both on paper and electronically
  • Kookey, far out clothing
  • The colour red
  • Alcohol inks
  • Rare steak
  • Leather stuff
  • My adorable grandson

23 Apr 2019
Cathy Sutton