POP pins. Felted brooches made from wool fibre and hand felted. Pop Art from my ❤️

Hand made one of a kind, POPpins. They are happy little pieces of joy.

These little one of a kind pins are carefully hand felted in happy go lucky designs to make your heart sing. Colourful and charming, they can be worn on anything your heart desires. A hat, a bag, a sweater or jacket, scarf (my fav), or jeans! Dream up some new ways to wear them!
A slick RIDE. 75 T bird in hand felted wool.
A slick RIDE. 75 T bird in hand felted wool.

POPpins. Mini original art to wear anywhere, on anything. Pop Art!

Are they a fashion statement? Or a mini collection of original fibre art. You be the judge. I’ve made about 20 of them now and I can’t stop myself from making more and more.

POP Art is painting or drawing (or FELTING) an everyday object using bold colour and paired down lines. The result is a punchy, exciting representative illustration of life! It’s fun and it’s invigorating!

Some of my other quirky and fun little items— CLICKME

And a few more to to tempt you. Adorable little statement gloves.—CLICKME

Flowers in Spring, tra laa

Bright and beautiful. Pink, yellow, red, orange, green- goes with everything! Wear it on a hat, Jean jacket, pocket, shoulder, purse, scarf, coat or ANYTHING!
Cathy Sutton