Now you can buy a pair of unique earrings online. Check back frequently, as I’m always designing and creating new ones!

All of my NepentheStudio earring hooks are made with sterling silver, Or Titanium, so you can enjoy non-allergenic wear for years.

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Allergies to various ear wires. It’s just not a very exciting topic. But worth thinking about.

I admit it. I’ve bought some cheap and nasty earrings over the years. Some have made my ear holes unbearably itchy and then sore and raw. Usually it’s the metal in the ear wires. It’s called muck metal and god knows what’s in it. My suggestion for these is switch those ear wires to sterling or Titanium. Surprisingly, gold would not be a choice for me, unless it was 24k. They’re are so many alloys added to pure 24k gold, that unless you’re earwires are 24 K, you are more liable to have a reaction to 14k gold than sterling. Sterling silver is alloyed with only pure copper. I’d  pick sterling or Titanium.

All my ear wires are made with Sterling silver or Titanium. Here’s a good link with some info on allergies caused by different metals by Rea Klingenberg.

(I do disagree with Rea’s comment that sterling silver may contain Nickel. To the best of my knowledge, Sterling silver is pure 92. Ag and 7.5% pure copper and nothing else. I apologize if I’m wrong.)

What about these new earrings?

This “new” material I’ve discovered is the coolest stuff! Developed for boot and shoe building, boat and car repair, and creation of large theatre masks and props, I figured “hmmmmm this stuff may work for lightweight summer jewellery!”

It is heavy canvas  embedded with thickeners that you can activate to make it supple, then sculpt with, into curves and shapes, then let it dry to a firm hard finish. You can sand it, texturize it, paint it and polish it, to achieve whatever look you wish. You can drill it and saw it with a jewellery saw too.

No matter how large my design is, it will weigh almost nothing!

Party rectangle earrings. Lilac and turquoise with party stripes and dots. Wheeeee! $35.00
Party rectangle earrings. Lilac and turquoise with party stripes and dots. Wheeeee! $35.00


I like the idea of trying this on for size. The new canvas earrings will be the first GuineaPigs. They are uniquely made with a unique material- to my knowledge it’s never been used to make jewellery before. The price is reasonable. I will be adding more of these canvas earrings and showing the backs of them (yes, they are decorative on the back to). The upside is, you don’t have to drive to shows and get parked. The downside is, you can’t touch and feel what you’re buying.

so, we’ll see how it goes! 

Cathy Sutton