How NepentheStudio Came to be!

How on EARTH did I get here?

 NepentheStudio and HatTrickHats is my little studio at WINNIPEG Beach, Manitoba, Canada. I began NS  in 2005. Making jewellery with my handmade LampWorked beads. I taught Lampwork bead making at Prairie glass at that time. (Maybe you took a class from me?)

Things escalated!

The siren’s call was irresistible. Soon I was ordering Sterling sheet and wire, and alloying my own gold to use with my beads. I make one-of-a-kind, unique affordable, silver, gold, copper and brass jewellery. So, I began making the pilgrimage to Tucson Arizona, Gem Show every other year to buy gemstones. I took many workshops locally and away, making good use of travel grants to offset the cost. I was in L❤️ve. Time passed.....

. I was happy.

          and Then things escalated again.

FELTING! With a soft and fluffy CRASH, my heart was invaded by the very ancient art of wet felting. Once you learn the various techniques, you soon realize, you can felt anything. Hats became my passion.

I’m still in love with goldsmithing, and felting - always pushing my limits, (Im in the throws of making a pair of winter Felted boots at the time of this writing) I offer workshops on many projects in wet felting. The schedule will be on this website and on FaceBook and Instagram very soon.  

Some might say I’m a bit obsessive about my art. Could be-a little.