Details for Felting Workshop on June 29, 2019, at 1:30 to 5:00 pm.

What the day will entail!

We will be making a unique wet felted wall hanging by creating a piece of sturdy fabric from wool fibre.

Learning to make this fabric will become the basic method for making all sorts of items from wet felt, all the things you see on my website and hundreds more.

heres roughly what our workshop day will look like:

First we’ll talk a bit about:

*the history of wet felting

*why wool felts

*what WILL and what WONT felt

Then we’ll:

* lay out our fibre to size

* wet it down

*begin felting.

*test our progress

*begin FULLING 

*and fulling

*and more fulling

*add decoration

How to get to Ponemah Beach Central Art Centre

Ponemah is one of the Winnipeg Beaches. It’s snuggled in along Lake Winnipeg’s western shoreline along with Whytwold and Matlock. The three,collectively are referred to as Dunnotar. Gracious old cottages line the lakeshore and surroundings. The Ponemah Beach Central is an old train station that was refurbished into Art Centre and museum that is reminiscent of the early nineteen hundreds. A perfect spot to learn the ancient art of wet felting!

Only 45 minutes north from Winnipeg, along hwy9.

Appropriate wall hanging for your yurt.
Appropriate wall hanging for your yurt.

How to make a yurt.

Wet felting is believed to be the oldest method of fabric making in the world. Dated back to between 6500-6300BE

A Yurt is a house or shelter made of wet felt. HERE IS HOW IT WAS DONE.

build a Mongolian Yurt.