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18 Jan 2020


It’s snowed and snowed... and snowed. It’s snowing right across Canada, and it just keeps snowing mercilessly.

I’ve  barely been out of the house. Probably a good thing. I’ve been thinking of summer.😎🌞. Making lists of cool felt accessories I can design out of felt that will be summer sunshine worthy.

Bracelets! But not just any bracelets. Mine will be like no other you’ve seen. The trouble is, I want to keep them all. Oh dear this is so often the problem.

 In a while, I will post them and see what you think I should do.

Back to work. Perhaps a hat today.

12 Jan 2020

Welcome 2020!

It’s a new year and Nepenthe Studio is busy preparing! I’ve been working on fresh and exciting new stuff. You’re going to like it.

I try to create 1 piece every day, more if I can. I want you to have lots of variety.

Be prepared for changes! Each year my designs morph a little- creativity is fluid. One thought leads to another. Pretty soon those thoughts lead to “What if?”

I think this is one of my favourite truths of being an artist.

Stay tuned for updates.❤️

Happy New Year   I’m looking forward to seeing you at the upcoming shows and events!

10 Apr 2019

 Here are a few rings from a new Collection I made. I call the Collection, Patterns. These are,  sterling shanks with various patterns applied in different methods. A clear quartz adorns one, tawny quartz and a shimmering moonstone grace the other two.. There are more. See them at #Proutopia2019. 

25 Mar 2019

 Fast forward to the 25 of March.No entries for the last while. I’ve been working hard creating! #Proutopia2019 is just around the corner. I’ve made dozens of new pieces of art in your honour. You asked for (you know who you are) some larger sized rings; done! You asked for more bangles; done! You asked for sculpture; done.I’ve been setting stones in silver , moonstones, coral, citrine, turquoise. I’ve been Felting some very unique necklaces for summer. I’ve created a menagerie of critters. You definitely should come to Proutopia on June 8, 9th. It’s going to be amazing. "Birds of a Feather"
9 Mar 2019
A secret peek at the new member of Nepenthe Studio.
A secret peek at the new member of Nepenthe Studio.

 It’s Saturday, and I’m heading out to my studio to fabricate some metal legs for upcoming critters and sculpture. I’ll have to get busy taking fotos of the fruits of my labours very soon. They are piling up.

I’m hoping to have some time to make a hat a little later today.

or maybe some mitts or fingerless gloves

or neck warmers

or cowls

or slippers

or ?

8 Mar 2019

 These past several days I’ve been busy making "critters. 7 are finished now, the latest being a Blue Spotted Hereford cow. Pictures will follow.

I’m getting impatient with the weather.

23 Feb 2019

 Today is Saturday, and I’ve decided to create some felt sculpture. This is a passion of mine! Creatures, critters, monsters (both scary and cute), fantabulous animals and birds; anything I can dream up, I make. It’s like going on a holiday.

I won’t be adding pictures of these new sculptures just yet, but I will tell you, they can FLY.

20 Feb 2019

This page is a JOURNAL of my creations as they are born. I usually try and design and make at least one piece of art a day. My "NEW STUFF" page will open the door to the future of NepentheStudio +HatTrickHats. It will give you a "heads up" as to what to expect from me at any upcoming shows and events. I will still post my work occasionally on FaceBook and Instagram, but more a more complete peek, X MARKS THE SPOT! You’re always welcome.

Cathy Sutton